ABOUT US since 1999

It all started in 1999 when I decided to work for a shaper in Tarifa. It was the very beginning of kitesurfing and I was eager to work behind the scenes and learn how to build my own kiteboards. In 2006 I decided to start Blankforce as a very small custom production to cover the needs of some schools in Germany and the Netherlands. Since then we have created new models every year and each model has been designed to be very specific to a riding style. Each style requires some unique attributes which are translated into construction techniques with variations in flex, shape, rocker, and the choice of materials.

Riding 2016 workmanship

Blankforce is union. Our hands join Nature with High Tech, choosing the Elements and bringing the next shape into life out of the piece of wood we are working on. Because it has always been there, growing with the tree. It was brought to us by Nature for helping us to set it free. With the best choice of High Tech materials, we give the strength to the board, and we dress it with a nice colourful design. Now you are the one who releases the energy, you make every move on the board as unique as it is. The union is the magic, from the first shape to your best move. I want to thank everybody who is involved, any smile in the chain: from the workers in the factories, to the distributors, the team and the shops who make all this magic possible. Blankforce is just the hand who takes care of the boards, and brings them safe to you.

Daniel Mueller Mr Blank
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