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Cicero roadtrip to BCN 20-08-2015

Thank you cicero for the nice footage. Was realy cool to see you here at the head office


Wake-bottom concept with Grindbase / deep channels for rides without fins

Pressflex for sliders and super hard stance area for pop

More and more riders are asking for a specialized board for wake park ramps, kickers and sliders.

We started a new line of wakeboards and worked one year on prototypes and tested every single change on a cable park in Barcelona. The key was to accommodate stiffness in the center and a lot of flex on the tips. ThatŐs why we came out with a hybrid glass-carbon construction: carbon on the center and glass on tip area.

The stiff center ensures pop for invert tricks. The softer tip area allows controlling the slides.The triple stage bottom shape offers a flat center surface to better control balance on boxes. To ensure unrivaled grip (also without fins) we designed very deep double channels along the rails.ENDURO is the result of the wakeboard evolution applied to a kiteboard: a powerful engine with big suspension.It has less scoop than the wake version and thinner edges for more grip and carving. The Slick Base construction avoids scratches.

August 20th, 2015 by Mr Blank