Our boards are made to withstand a lifetime. Thats why we use the best materials and industrial technology to make each BLANKFORCE kiteboard a very competitive and durable riding toy.

For the core , we do not compromise, and this means wood that is very strong and ensures a smooth ride.

Paulownia is an exotic wood that offers the best compromise between strength and weight. It transmits the impulse towards the board edges.


We Use Paulownia wood as the base of our Kiteboards for two reasons: extremely water-resistant / mechanical properties

The wood core consists of battens that are assembled and laminated with high pressure to assure the best quality and characteristics. Wood has excellent mechanical properties due to the abundance of natural fibres that are all positioned length side to the board. It allows us to build a very light and strong Kiteboard.


The Edges are exposed to impact, like the front and rear bumper of a vehicle. Therefore we use ISOSPORT ABS battens that are injected with special epoxy resin directly into the Wood Core, building the outline.

FRP : (Fibre- Reinforced Plastic)

We use an infusion-process to add the epoxy to the fibers before it reaches the press. This avoids air between the layers and optimises board performance and durability. The process of infusion and covering the top layer at the same time is a key technique used for all of our boards.

S-GLASS: 45 Degree Bi-axial / Quad-axial

CARBON: UNI Directional Carbon / BI Axial Carbon /45 Degree BI Axial Carbon

The laminated unit with the wood core, glass and carbon fibers, ABS outline, inserts and topsheet is now placed in the aluminium foam that will give the final shape of the board.
The press is heated step-by-step to reach 80 degree for the Glass construction and 95 degrees for the Carbon construction, which uses a different type of epoxy.
Pressure is also adjusted during the backing process in order to eject the abundance of epoxy.
After the press, the board looks like a rectangle and needs to get back to the CNC machine that will cut the final outline. The rails must be sanded by hand to get the perfect angles. The Topsheet protection must be removed, and then the board is ready to pass the quality test.

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