The harness is the junction between you and your kite, and the most important is that it has to perfectly maintain your back in each situation.

Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL

The HMI development is based on the following 4 points:
Best load distribution: The load is directed to the 4 straps that maintain the hook in the right position. The cobweb seam structure in the back part of the HMI Harness disperses the forces perfectly to avoid punctual pressure on the spinal column.
Maximum comfort: The Big Neoprene outline improves the comfort while riding without a wetsuit. The material mix offers strength on the main structure and flexibility on ergonomic parts for ultimate fit and freedom of movement.

Resistant and ever-lasting: We do not use thermoformed material on our products! The material mix with neopren, PVC-plates, leathered cover and 800 Nilon can not be compared with a form and will last forever.
ALSO AVAILABLE the 1.1m2 2line kite with bar for kids

All in one concept: Everyone got the right to ride with a perfect harness, so we decided to add an removable seat-belt system.
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